Monday, March 28, 2011

So my first living on less challenge for myself. We have Easter coming up and I would like to host a brunch for some friends. I think it sounds like fun. Because I am a huge dorkwad a lot of what I want to do is get my back yard to a place where it would be fun to be in. I need a short-term goal to reach. I want to spend no more than $50, to be taken out of our entertainment budget. How am I going to reach this goal? There are many things to figure out. How many people would I like to host? In particular, Shanna and I are both excited about the upcoming egg hunt. I’m not sure if our friends-with-small-kids will want to come over though. Well, you have to ask if you want things so I’ll figure that bit out. We’ll have to decide what kinds of foods to serve and decorating. On $50. It’s a good thing I have some time to plan.

Luckily I already have someone coming (hopefully today) to take the shed out of my back yard and I found a table/chair/umbrella set on freecycle a couple of weeks ago. That’s the first big step towards making the backyard more fun for a party. I also need to go find some free fill dirt for some of the fuss in the yard. That's going to be exciting. But! This can be done!

I would like to have some decorations as well. I wonder what Shanna and I can make. :)


  1. how do you feel about potluck? it's my favorite.

    i wonder if creeping thyme will grow there, as a low-water-needs ground cover. i think it will pretty much grow anywhere. not that it helps for easter, but . . . long term. i just got some seeds in the mail, maybe i should check the packet!

  2. As spring gets into full swing, you will likely be able to find all sorts of patio furniture and plant starts & cuttings available as people spruce up their yards. Things like creeping thyme should be easy enough to transplant if you can get pieces from other people's plants.

    As for the Easter brunch - What about doing waffles with sweet and savory toppings to choose from? The waffles wouldn't even have to be homemade - toaster ones would do fine as a base for strawberries or chicken gravy. Fruit & greens for sides, iced tea to drink, maybe? Just throwing it out there.