Monday, April 18, 2011

Upcoming project schedule.

I have a pretty fantastic amount of work to finish and I am running out of time. There are some upcoming tasks that I quite literally cannot do alone because it requires moving big heavy things like furniture so here I am laying out my basic schedule and saying, "Hey! Does anyone have any time to come help on these projects?" I figure it's worth asking, people frequently say yes. :)

4/18-4/24- This week is devoted to getting my house ready for the Easter party. :)
4/25-5/1- This week I need to get a move on sorting things from the garage into other parts of the house or getting rid of them. If they are in permanent storage, then obviously we don't need them.
5/2-5/8- I need to paint Sarah's room and prep for the hot water replacement and drywall repair over the weekend. A professional will have to do the hot water replacement bit. Oh shit. I think I need to call the city about that. Ok, something just got added to today's list. The little bit of drywall fixing around the hot water heater I can probably do by myself thanks to Taylor's excellent instruction. :) But I would take help if someone was bored.

The next week is the most important one that I need help on!

***5/9-5/15- During this week I need to get all of the furniture and fixtures and such out of my garage (big heavy awful lifting), finish painting (there won't be much left--just about a wall), clean and fix any problems with the flooring that have to be dealt with, install carpet, move furniture and fixtures back onto carpet, and install dryer venting or it'll never get done.

See why I'd love to have as many people as possible scheduled periodically throughout that week? It's going to be a really hard job and it pretty much has to be done all in one go like that.

Uhm, anyone? :)

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