Monday, June 27, 2011

And my Jenny is married.

Yesterday was the wedding!  It was glorious.  I was so happy to be part of the ceremony.  I was even the official witness signing the marriage contract along with the Best Man.  Jenny was gorgeous and cheerful and elated.  I have never seen her so happy.  It's hard not being able to see her much, but I leave her in such good hands that I know she is in the best place in the world for her.

I was amazed that several times she sat down and took moments out of her insanely busy schedule to help me deal with my anxiety.  I felt so very loved.  Then I discovered that I had made some suboptimal choices with regards to planning... but folks helped out and I think that we will actually enjoy the changed plans more.

Traveling is challenging, but it's a lot easier with wonderful people.  I feel quite blessed.

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