Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kneejerk statement

I had a brief panic attack as I looked through the referring URLs for my blog.  Lots of looking for porn searches.  I thought that was kind of amazing.  I really felt invaded and horrified by that.  That was hard to feel for a few minutes.  You see, there is this nice blogger who happens to be a chick.  And I don't know about you but I find that people are way less heated about business building than sex.  This woman hasn't done anything sexual in a public way, but she is denigrated sexually quite viciously.  I'll tell you flat out, universe, that makes me feel like I should probably figure what I am: a sex blogger or a mommy blogger and never the twain shall meet.  Because if Naomi Dunford is getting death threats I need to prepare myself for the possibility that some day I might too.  I don't think I can stop myself from posting on the internet.  It's pretty compulsive.


  1. Did you erase my comment? Was it offensive? or did it just not go through somehow?

  2. Comment?! What?! Where?! It did not go through. :)