Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'bout that doctor visit...

Sarah was right, she's a good doctor.  When she came in I was crying, because I'm like that.  She (after dealing with a huge coughing fit) sat down and just wanted to talk for over 30 minutes.  The first thing she wants me to do is go see a psychiatrist because almost everything wrong with me could be potentially related to my mental health issues.  I concur.  I have a doctor recommendation for that.  I'm having some tests done and she also hooked me up with a groino to perform the Essure procedure.  No.more.babies.  All in all I think it is the best visit to a doctor I've had in a long time.  Oh!  She told me that she wants me to work harder on getting consistent edibles because she doesn't like that I'm smoking.  I almost cried tears of joy.

I am taking steps to make my life better.  They just don't all happen as fast as I want them to.

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