Sunday, September 11, 2011

I have a secret.  I carried a balance on my credit cards last month.  Almost $10,000 (it is more than that now).  I did it on purpose because I knew that I would be able to pay them off now.  I just got my last annuity check.  Every month since I turned 18 I have received a check for $1,200 every month completely tax free.  I was attacked by a pit bull when I was a child and my friend's father represented me.  I think he did a fabulous job of handling my settlement.  On my 30th birthday the payments end with a $36,200 check.  (Last monthly payment + $35,000 pay off.)  I'm so thrilled about how much cash I have in my bank account that I'd kind of like to take a screen shot and frame this.  Before the credit card payments go out this month I will hit $50,000 in cash for about a day.

I've been talking to Sarah about this a lot.  I'm not sure if someone who grew up in a safe, secure home can understand the kind of elation I feel right now.  This is so much safety and security.  It's freedom.  If I was truly feeling like I could not handle my life right now I could bail.  I'm not going to.  But right this minute I have all the means I need to disappear if I want to.  I don't want to.  I choose to be here.  This is what I want.  That's a weird feeling.  I am not a victim of anything in my life because I choose it.

Right now I'm having a lot of strong mood swings.  I'm doing a lot of hiding from the kids.  As a result the kids are extra-super-clingy.  Which cycles my moods faster.  It's really nice to have this money appear right now to smack me in the face right now that I really and truly want to be here.  Even with the things I miss about going out.  Even though I miss friends and communities... I can never get this time back.  I really want to be here with my kids.

I'm struggling with the fact that I will no longer be supplying $14,400/year to the household.  I am, in fact, increasing how much I take out of the pool because I am going to do less work (hiring a maid) instead of working more and contributing money as well.  It's hard to feel like I have enough worth to be in this position.  I find it rather odd to be trying to live more according to Noah's principles than mine.  You see, I didn't grow up with intellectuals.  I grew up with stupid, uneducated people.  Not all stupid people are uneducated and not all uneducated people are stupid.  But my family is both.  The idea that any mental work I am doing has value?  That's odd.  If I have not done substantial physical labor I feel guilty all day.  I'm not supposed to rest.  People like me have to earn rest and there is no chance I have worked enough lately.  I've been lazy all week!  Well, sorta.  This is all vague.

Noah believes that me reading, improving myself as a person, writing, and interacting with other adults in intellectual ways are actual priorities.  He wants there to be time in my life for these things.  He does not think I should be working all the time.  It's weird.  Those are not pastimes I was raised to appreciate.  I have always done them, but it was furtive and hidden.  Shameful.  My secret life.  But what if it isn't a secret?  What if I get to sit out here in my personal Wonderland and write.  What if that is totally ok?  How about if I learn how to write while sober so that the kids can wander in and out so they don't feel cut off from me?  Enh, that may be a stretch.  Hm.  I should think about scheduling.  The problem is that I don't generally smoke on a regular schedule so I have ebbs and flows of how effective it is.  This is why I'm thinking about scheduling things.  I can't believe I am thinking about scheduling my life so I can be a more effective stoner.

I'm weird, Sir.

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