Monday, October 10, 2011

Some problems are too big to fix.

This isn't fucking one of them.  I'm going to Ikea again today.  I'm buying a bed to put in the garage.  Today.  We have ongoing issues with where and when to have sex.  Our house isn't that big.  The baby is still in our bed and likely to be for close to another year.  Ugh.  The logistical issue of where to have sex, The ugly chair that is falling apart and broken and really can't handle much pressure... not to mention it's totally uncomfortable and awful; the couch where the kids periodically walk in and we have to be silent and it's still not that comfortable; our bed with Calli asleep (yes we do it occasionally, but we try not to); the shower; or the floor.  Take your pick.  Doesn't it all sound exciting and comfy?

Ok so we aren't having as much sex as we'd like.  It's been a consistent issue for over three years.  Logistics are the first big stumbling block.

Something that bothers me about the constant "be yourself!" that people spout is... it's not very true these days.  If you don't like someone or something they do, then you don't talk to them any more.  There are too many people to know these days.  Keeping people you don't like is silly.


I have been listening to Adele's song "Someone Like You" a lot lately.  I'm thinking about my mom.

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