Sunday, October 30, 2011

This is why I do this.

The man I was panting over let me down gently.  He wants to have an affair, but he just doesn't have time. It was nice of him to phrase it that way.  Last night Noah and I  struck out hunting at a party.  We were not bereft though.  Luckily being married means always having someone to fuck.  Yay!  Three times.  That's not so bad anyway.

And then I opened up my computer today to a message from someone else on okcupid.  Someone who read all of my profile.  Boy howdy is he compatible.  Date scheduled for Tuesday.  He likes fucking with peoples heads but he's not that into hitting them.  And he's big on talking dirty.  Lots of it.  So far it seems like a torrid affair is going to happen after all.  A very very torrid affair.  Oh my.  Either he's talking a good game or he genuinely understands the difference between pain and intensity.  And near as I can tell he's really interested in me.  He's paying attention.  To a ridiculous number of words.

And, he's already reading this journal.  Dangerous.

Very. Very. Dangerous.  Butterflies.  Hot.  I've masturbated several times today.  I uhhh don't do that much any more.  He's crawling into my head already and I like it.

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