Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Just to keep the time line up to date: offered money as compensation for damages during the General Strike.  Roundly ignored.  Go to morning meeting, mild interest but mostly apprehension about what it means.  Go to General Assembly, get told No!  You start chaos!  Ok.  Post on internet.  Receive emails.  Have phone calls and email discussions and one really exciting in person meeting.

Here is what I am looking at:
"A few friends/local (small mom and pop) business owners and I have come together to put organize a "black friday" event/shopping day.  We are working to put together a map of local shops in the area and making it a fun day of shopping, food and music in Oakland.  I've reached out to someone at Occupy so that we can include this day as part of our initiative to boycott corporations and bring Oakland's local economy in the black.  I can call on Thursday and discuss with you further if you would like.  We are hoping to also get vendors and folks that do not have a store front to join in.  A few business have opened up their doors to adding tables for local vendors to be able to participate in this.

I actually do not need a lot of money for this initiative because our only major cost is printing of flyers and posters.  I have found many people to volunteer their time, as I have, to help support our local economy.  I was trying to figure out who I can get these posters printed by and hoped to find a place that would donate that as well but have had no luck thus far.  Then I saw your email and figured I would send you a note in case you would be interested in supporting this effort."

That is the kind of thing I want to fund.  It's going to be a few hundred dollars at most.

Another person is in communication with me about a separate fund for repairing damage done to small businesses so they can petition for redress.  I'm willing to contribute to that too.  I'm less sure of the dollar amount.

But the big one?  The individuals who pushed the General Strike through want to buy an RV and make a mobile clinic.  They have doctors and nurses who have already volunteered to staff it.  It's going to be a logistical nightmare and a fuckton of money beyond what I have.  I'm so excited I could pee my pants.  This is something real.  Medical care for people who can't afford it?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  If my money can provide that, please dear god take it.  My medical care is covered.  Noah spends a fucking insane amount of money on my medical care.  (don't ask.)  I'm not a special fucking snowflake.  Everyone should be able to have the support I have.  I won't be able to ensure that everyone gets what I get, but they can get better than they have right now.  They should.

I'm not real enthusiastic about national healthcare, I'll tell the truth.  But I'm fucking enthusiastic about people in a community saying, "Hey!  We want to help our neighbors get healthcare."  Washington DC isn't going to save us.  We have to do it for our selves.

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  1. I'm for Universal/Single Payer healthcare (aka, National Healthcare) which should not be confused with Obamacare. Obamacare is a cash-cow for corporate health insurance companies. The welfare of the citizenry didn't stand a chance against the billion $ healthcare industry.

    If the wealthy don't feel comfortable with the basic benefits of Universal healthcare, they can afford to pay a third party healthcare provider to ease their worries.