Monday, November 7, 2011

I love planning

I'm in the middle of 1993.  I hope to finish through high school today (class of '99).  I haven't done pre 1988 yet.  The early stuff is slightly speculative because my memories are hazy.  I feel guilt writing something down as true when I have a less than crystal clear memory.  I will do it.  But I'm going to do the first pass through the older stuff first.  I think I should reserve next Monday for the early bits.  It will need to be done in a big burst.

Ok, that's a good timeline for me.  I want to get up to 2010 this week.  Then I can do the earliest bits on Monday of next week.  That means I will have the first pass of the whole story done by the 15th.  I'm already feeling frustrated with myself for the bits I have missed.  I'll need the whole last half of the month to reread and add stories in here and there.

The first pass is just giving the skeleton.  Where did I live.  What kinds of schools.  I haven't gotten into too many awful bits.  I'm saving them.  I don't want this story to be, "Krissy's shitty life".  So much happened and a lot of it was amazing.  It feels important to be true to the scope of the story and not overemphasis the trauma.

We'll see.

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