Saturday, December 10, 2011

Casual/Casual +

I was curious what the fella's on a certain community site would say about the topic of casual sex.  I'm mildly surprised that most people don't consider something casual sex unless it is entirely anonymous and you never speak.  Really?  Ok, I guess I don't want actual casual sex then.  Wow.  I like to find profiles on the web and exchange a few emails.  Then meet up with a thin pretense of something to do for about an hour.  Then we can go back to your place.  I may or may not ever feel the need to talk to you after that but I will have fond feelings for you.  Some of these turn into friendships, most don't.  I don't mind in the slightest.

Really?  That's not casual?  Wow.  Once again, I need a new word.  Because even saying NSA (no strings attached) isn't quite what I mean.  And it's not really friends with benefits because I don't think we need to be friends.  Fuckbuddy implies we are buddies.  We aren't.  You are a stranger on the internet.  A perfectly nice one.  One I obviously find attractive (this is usually a combination of looks, intelligence, and 'feels like tribe') so what is that?

I like running into former lovers.  I like the smile I get.  I like the soft brush of the arm as they acknowledge that they know how to touch me.  If I don't litter my lovers all over the valley, how can I have that experience?

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  1. sounds kinda like a planned one night stand.-Paula