Thursday, December 8, 2011

Those who lead

Oh Noah, we have to watch this video together:

We've been talking about those who lead vs. leaders.  Leaders generally being those schmucks in Washington sort of idea.  In this video she shows the journey of what it looks like to be someone who leads.

Ok, so I'm going to follow the video timeline a bit.  The early timeline sets you up to question what is reality and what isn't in the story.  You can tell that she's a very light and fluffy sort of person.  There's not going to be anything of serious depth in this story, and yet it kind of is.  Was she knifed?  Was it an abortion?  Did she try to commit suicide?  This isn't something that has been publicly part of her story so far as I know.

Then there is the transition into the weird ballet thing.  That is confusing at first.  You see her losing it in her room and being destructive and angry.  Then she's tossed out of ballet.  While well dressed.  She goes off and finds a new form of dance, more suited to her personal style.  This is when the song actually starts.  All that?  It's back story.

She starts out by blowing shit up and jumping on cars.  I approve on principle.  I think more women should blow shit up.  It's fucking liberating.

Then she joins a different dance troupe.  It's more merit based and suited to her.  She just acts like herself.  People start falling into line behind her.  Not because she tells them to.  They just do.  Because she is worth following.  They genuinely feel inspired by watching her.  They want to match their movements to her because she has some quality that other people don't have.  She just shines.  She doesn't know why, not really.  She just likes the rhinestones.  She does all these crazy, inappropriate things.

That's the thing.  She's batshit crazy.  She's unstable.  She breaks things and throws huge temper tantrums.  If you had to deal with her all the time you would have a very different perspective of her.  But she's still inspiring.  She still has that quality.  When she moves, people still want to move their bodies like her.  Who knows why.

She is writing an impassioned plea to people to understand why she wants to be a dancer hanging out with the gays and the freaks.  She's married to the idea of supporting the counter culture.  She wants people to think they are allowed to exist.  She wants to see all of it and glorify it.  She wants all the violence of New York to be part of her.  Ok, saying all the violence is a stretch.  But it's interesting.

And then you see the ascension of Mother Monster.  It's fucking genius.  I really admire the way this woman tells a story.

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