Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm sorry

Today isn't starting off well.  I think these physical symptoms are stress not "sick".  That doesn't make them better.  We kind of sort of tried to have sex today and Noah finally stopped when he noticed how much I was flipping out.  He's a kind sort.

I started thinking about how much Noah really wishes he got to go from girl to girl.  He wants that so much.  From the outset, with that want, I can never be enough.  No matter what.  I can't be multiple people.  I can't give him that thrill.  I could stand there and watch (or not) him have it.  I can't give it to him.  Given how much trouble I'm having with sex right now it feels like I have completely cock blocked him in every way.  He didn't promise celibacy.

I feel like such a failure.  I'm feeling eaten away by stress and failure and all the things I will never be good enough for.  This morning as I was crying at Noah I told him that whenI was a kid I would say: "I'm sorry", the response was: "Yeah, you're sorry.  You are the sorriest piece of shit ever born."  I'm realizing why I don't notice that I am expressing contempt.  I don't know much else.

This book is very hard to read.  I don't really want to think hard about the fact that this is my life.  How can I have these experiences and come out anything but a piece of shit. An angry waste of air.  Yes, yes, happiness is a state of mind, not a circumstance.  I don't know how to forget everything that happened and just go on to be happy.  I'm hopeful that some day other people will know the story.  Enough people will tell me that I'm not bad that maybe I will believe it.  I still feel like I deserve everything that happened.  It wouldn't have happened to a nice person.  Someone who was good.  Someone kind.  Someone who wasn't a piece of shit.  Instead it happened to me.  That must be how it is supposed to work.

Today is going to be kind of rough.  I had planned to take the girls to Fairyland.  But I'm dizzy and weak.  I don't think that is a good idea.  I wish the stupid place was open during the week.  I've been taking sleeping pills for almost two weeks.  I've gotten 7.5+ hours for almost that many nights.  I wish my body felt better.  Everything hurts.  I remember my stomach hurting like this when I was a kid.  This was usually my reason for staying home from school.  My mom would always yell at me that I was a hypochondriac or a liar.  At least she let me stay home anyway.  I'm scared.  I'm so very scared.

I just sent an email to some of my co-owners in the coffee shop.  I guess that money is going to be a donation after all.  I asked to have my name taken off the ownership paperwork.  I don't want the stress going forward.  I bought it when I thought I had more help.  Things change.  If they could give the money back some day that would be great but I won't be holding my breath.  I wasn't looking for that.  I wanted to do good in the world.  I hope I did.

I want to be someone who can take care of a lot of people and fix a lot of problems.  Unfortunately I only seem to be able to fix knots in capes.  I can clean up toys.  And three people is the absolute physical limit of how many people I can take care of.  I wish I didn't know that for sure.  I wish I hadn't hit that wall.  I wish I got to still have the fantasy of being very competent.  I'm very competent on my best days.  I don't have best days very often.  I have to plan my life around my very worst days.  Because I have to determine what I can truly carry on my own.  Because I have things I have to carry no matter what.  I have to take care of my family.  I have to.  There is no one else to do it.  No one else is available to just come take care of my kids.  I tried to see if it was possible.  It's not.  Well, I could pay someone but that would require getting a job.  No thanks.  Once you start upping the ante like that it isn't figuring out how to adapt my life it is going out and getting a whole new life.

I like my life.  I like hanging out with my kids.  I like writing.  I'm even quite house proud.  I like looking around and seeing the things that bring joy to me.  I've created my house very intentionally.  I didn't pick it but it's mine.  Maybe the only house I will live in for the rest of my life.  I want it to bring me joy.  I'm pretty selfish.  Luckily Noah doesn't seem to worry too much about what I do.  For some odd reason he trusts me.  Or he just doesn't care.  Either way.

Noah told me that he isn't sure what to say.  I'm convinced I have no value.  He disagrees.  I told him that I'm afraid he is lying.  I am.  I'm terrified.

I don't feel much pride in myself.  All I see are my failures.  It's interesting how differently Noah and I view failures.  He tells me often that you learn more from doing things wrong.  It feels like such a privileged thing to say.  It may be true, but only some people keep getting second chances.  I think that's part of it.  Noah rarely fails at anything that matters.  I do.  When I fail I have to once again deal with the consequences of the fact that I am a piece of shit and everyone is going to leave me in the end for being a nasty, angry, bitter person.  My mistakes in the past twelve months have cost me three friendships.  I run people off.  My mistakes mean that I spent seven years in graduate school but I have no degree to show for it.  Yes, I learned things.  That's still an awful lot of time and money to spend.  I'm glad I was able to pay off my student loan debt so fast.  If I was still paying for it I would be much more bitter.

Only time will tell how I am as a mother.  I'm afraid.  The stakes are so high.  Even if some day I manage to run Noah off, which I think is more possible than he gives me credit for, I really am afraid that I won't deserve my children.  It was decided so long ago that I am bad.  What hubris do I have to think I can change that?

Today I hate me.  And I'm sorry.  So very sorry.


  1. It's true that you have to be privileged (a word you use like an obscenity) to get second chances. But the level of privileged isn't as high as you'd think.

    I've been fired. I've lost big chunks of money. I've made mistakes that set me back tens of thousands of dollars, or years (which is the same thing or worse). I've injured myself and broken bones. I've lost friends. I've lost girlfriends, including you. So far I haven't killed anybody (knock on wood).

    All those are mistakes where I get second chances to one degree or another. If I don't starve to death and I don't lose basic competence, I get to keep spinning the roulette wheel.

    I could fail in a way that held me back (and I have, and I will again). I can certainly lose specific people, resources and opportunities - I have many times, I will many times again. But life has an unlimited stream of stuff headed my way. I can't keep all of it. But new things will keep heading my way every minute of every day, and some of them will be good things.

  2. I really value your basic optimism.