Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dear Amazon, my life is not erotic fiction.

To whom it may concern at Amazon:

First, let me thank you for making it such an easy process to self publish.  I really appreciate that it is easy for a non-technically savvy person to get a book published.  Well done.

There is just one small issue.  It was quite difficult for me to write this story.  There were many many hours of crying involved.  I'm admitting, in public, to some pretty horrendous happenings.  I feel very upset that Amazon has decided to categorize this story is "fiction" first of all, it isn't--I promise, but particularly "erotic" fiction.

If you find my life story erotic I don't want to know about it.  I feel great nausea at the idea that people might think of my life story as "erotic fiction".  That is completely inappropriate.  Please put my book into the memoir section where it belongs.

Direct link:

Thank you.

Kristine Gibbs

They switched categories.  Huzzah!  Working with Amazon has been such a pleasure.

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