Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hey!  What are you doing March 24th?  It's a Saturday.  I'm being brave and putting this up on the open internet because I honestly don't think many people will come.  If you know where my house is you can come.  I will be sending this out as invitation to particular people, of course, but Noah wants me to believe in open sourcing.  Here I go.

I spend a lot of time feeling sad because I don't feel very connected to people and I do not seem to be able to get over that barrier in most social settings.  I like hearing the stories that people want to share about themselves.  I like finding out how other people think of themselves.  You don't have to script anything.  But personally I like sitting and listening to stories that are around 5,000 words long. I'm just sayin'. If anyone likes goals.

What stories from your life make you think the hardest?  Which stories taught you the most?  Which people are the most influential and why?  I would really like to know.  I know some pretty amazing people and I would really like to find out more about why you are who you are.  They can be good, they can be bad.  They can be upbeat or they can be very hard.  I can pretty much handle anything.  And I really enjoy being cheered up.

This isn't a party and I'm not doing any extra preparation nor am I making food.  So you can bring food or we can order pizza.  So far this book is a very expensive hobby.  I don't think we'll be hosting a party for a while.

Saturday March 24th at say 1pm?  Does that work?  I really am thrilled with improv as well.  Truly.  It'll work out.


  1. 1 pm till when? I usually can't get anywhere till 3 or 4 on saturdays, but I'd love to go...

    1. And I'd love to have you! Coming over at 3 or 4 would be dandy. :) I'm not sure how late it will go so you may be the only one or the second one. I will wait for the end of nap time with good humor. :)

    2. I'll be there, with one or both kids. Might leave the hubby at home though. Should I bring any food or anything?