Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things I appreciate about my husband.

Noah doesn't always like what he hears, but he listens.
Noah does significantly more to help with the kids than most of the fathers I hear about.
Noah works night and day because he wants to be able to provide his family with as comfortable of a life as he can.
Noah wakes up every day and makes me breakfast.
Noah often comes home from a long day at work and makes me dinner.
If I ask Noah to do housework he doesn't sigh or react passive aggressively.  He either jumps up and does it immediately or he acknowledges me and says he will do it when he reaches a good pause in what he is doing.
Noah doesn't hesitate to change a dirty diaper.
Noah pays attention to me and cares about my moods.
Noah listens to a lot of criticism and responds non-critically.
Noah is appreciative of the work I do in our home.  He doesn't take me for granted.

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  1. He's pretty awesome. I'd thought so when you first started writing about him, more so when I first met him, even more so the more you wrote about him, and especially more so now that I've met him again. I may have a slight innocent crush on him. :)