Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I can't make this up.

Ok, we have a neighbor over. I am going to call her Monique. Because that is not her name.

Monique holding up spoon: "My spoon is the boy spoon and your spoon is the girl spoon."
Shanna holding up spoon: "Yes, my spoon is a beautiful princess."
M: "My spoon is Justin Bieber."
S's spoon runs away and hides behind a cup: "He is scary."
M, with a confused look on her face: "But he's not mean. He's nice."
S, spoon cowering in fear: "Nooooo!!! Noooooooo!!!! He's terrifying."
M, with a more confused look puts her spoon in her mouth.
S: "M is sucking the boy."

I almost choked.

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