Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Memory lane

I had dinner with my ex last night. That was interesting. I asked him a lot of questions and he answered as best he could. I told him point blank that I'm glad the kids thing worked out or I would have kicked myself for the rest of my life for leaving him. I actually kind of wonder if he lost a little bit of his sparkle for me last night. I think I had forgotten a lot of things. His opinion is the only opinion. I remember why we didn't argue: I bit my tongue a lot. There was no point in discussing controversial topics because he has already made up his mind and he will be condescending, dismissive, and really pretty rude the entire time you talk about something that isn't his thing. For example: organic farming. He believes it is going to be the destruction of the human race. He won't talk about the problems from animal feed lots or mono-crops. He thinks there aren't any problems. Right. I let it go because I don't care about converting him.

Noah listens to any crack brained thing I bring up in a polite way and when he is doubtful he carefully says, "Can I see some of where you found this information?" If I'm using an idiotic source he lets me down gently. It's nice to be reminded that for the first time in my life I live with someone who genuinely thinks of me as an intelligent person. I had forgotten. I had forgotten how much everyone before him made me feel like I should shut up and sit down and just let them speak because they are smarter than me. I didn't always do it but I felt it.

There has been a lot of research lately on how hard it is to change peoples minds. The less smart someone is the more likely they are to be really entrenched in everything they know. Holy crap Tom is narrow minded. He knows what he knows and believes there is no validity in any point of view he disagrees with. It's fascinating.

He wants to live in a Sci Fi future. He thinks things will be every increasingly technical and people will move to increasingly thinking jobs. I think that is folly. If you look a distribution of intelligence, 50% of people are below average. You really think that everyone in the world should sit on their ass and do a computer job? Really? Not all of us would even enjoy that let alone be capable. I think we should be encouraging people to work more with their bodies if they show the slightest inclination. We are a nation of people who are desperately unfit and unhealthy. The solution is not more sloth.

He wants to have fun. He doesn't want to create anything in particular. His job is creative enough for him. Every year or so he has a new hardware design project. He is designing things that use basically entirely outside components. He's figuring out how to assemble the right configuration of after market parts. He doesn't have much desire to really grow the business. He wants to keep very busy (he's a work-a-holic in my "I lived with him" opinion) at work and make a lot of money so he can have more and more fun. That means racing his Porsche, tying up and sexually controlling women, and working. I told him to go get a vasectomy so he can make damn sure he never accidentally ends up a parent because he wouldn't be a good one.

Tom is a just fine person. I think I just got over him romantically. It was sudden. I no longer look up to him. He doesn't have a talent or a skill I respect any more. That was weird to notice. I am now how old he was when we met. I feel disappointed looking at what he has done with his life in the last twelve years since we met. He doesn't have to give a shit about my disappointment, in fact he doesn't. He has enjoyed his life. He wants to keep doing the same shit for another thirty or forty years before he croaks. He is perfectly happy. Another woman will always come along, right? SM is more interesting with new people any way. I don't want that life and I'm really glad I only stayed for four years. I have now been married for longer than I dated Tom. Noah is a larger influence on my character than Tom was. I'm glad for that.

I asked Tom what it was like living with someone as crazy as me. He said he was unaware of it. I cried alone and he didn't know it existed. He didn't know I was unstable.

I cut and was suicidal a great deal while I lived with him. I was still interacting with my family a fair bit. I was quite unstable. He didn't notice. He didn't fucking notice. You have got to be fucking kidding me. Seriously? You are that self-involved? You never noticed that your partner of four years was unstable emotionally? It makes me think I should feel a lot more confident in my acting skills. Maybe I am even harder to read than Noah says. I cultivate being hard to read. I practice. Really. I do not want to give away the intensity of my emotions when I am around people. It's dangerous to be noticed for your strong emotions. I didn't know I was that good though. Tom remembers that we had a lot of fun and got along well. That's good.

Tom has never read any of my writing. He doesn't want to know what goes on in my head. That may be brilliant of him. I didn't understand how much my writing has always contained a plea for someone to read it and come talk to me about it. Noah does. Noah is the only fucking person who is interested in crawling as deeply into my head as possible. It was really wonderful to be reminded what it is like to be in the room with someone who requires me to have a brick wall between myself and him. Noah is interested in what I am thinking and feeling, pretty much at any point. Sometimes he is distracted with other bits of life but if I write it down and leave it for him he always catches up. He has read my entire archive on every blogging site I have ever used. Multiple times. That makes me cry. Oh my G-d he actually loves me. He thinks I am worth that kind of time and attention. I write a fuck ton and I've been blogging for over nine years. I need to poke around old storage disks and see if I can find my g-blog archive. I'm not sure if I still have it and that is sad. I should probably make another LJ book so that I have a copy of it. Other people write in paper journals and keep them.

All of a sudden I feel a little spark of interest in finding out what I actually like about bdsm. I spent a lot of time last night feeling like I'm just not a pervert any more. I have no interest in the kind of stuff Tom is into. I'm not interested in being degraded for someone else's amusement any more. I think the joke is kind of thin at this point. Yes, yes, I know that I am disgusting and should suffer. Blah blah. I'm tired of the role I had to fill. I'm tired of having to denigrate my own thinking abilities in order to tolerate being bossed around by someone who is so not smarter than me. He knows different things than me and he believes that the only important things to know are the things he knows. He thinks my things aren't worthy of much respect. That is probably hyperbole. He doesn't bother to notice that my things are there so he doesn't have to listen to me on any topic because I'm not very educated. Or something. "Sure I can "listen" to you blather on about something idiotic while I roll my eyes and don't really listen." It's really very similar to how I feel with Alex. To be fair Alex has dramatically improved in this area in one on one conversations, in particular since he started working on it with his therapist. It's still a thing.

Tom told me he hasn't done Daddy/daughter play since me and he hasn't been interested in rape play either. For all of the years I have known Noah he has been staunchly uninterested in Daddy/daughter play--not his kink. After he read the book and he understood the emotional power it has for me he is suddenly interested. Rape play has been a major component of our life. Tom didn't think I was a fine instrument to be played. He wanted to have fun with a buddy. Noah is consciously working on helping me change because we both want me to. It was weird to understand that at this really deep level last night. Tom knows very little about me. He knows hand wavey bad stuff happened. He knows a few details and will admit knowing them after a lot of pressure. Holy shit. That is actually kind of amazing. I remember Tom's life. I pieced it together very carefully. I have a whole timeline constructed in my head about his family and school experiences from very young. I wanted to know him so I could serve him better.

We went to McDonald's a lot, probably every week. Tom wants to rest when he is at home. He wants to eat on the go as he dashes to and from work and parties. It's a lifestyle. So one time I asked for chicken nuggets and he asked what kind of sauce I wanted. I responded with, "The usual" and he said, "What's the usual?" and I could feel my face involuntarily fall. We had been dating for multiple years at that point. "Sweet and Sour." There was some little flick of memory in his face as he recalled my voice saying that over and over for years in his memory. He looked kind of guilty but turned around to the cashier without saying anything.

If I walk into any restaurant with Noah that I have ever been to he can tell me which foods I enjoyed and for what reasons and which drinks I particularly liked or disliked. Sometimes he makes me cry. It's kind of embarrassing in public. Noah knows what I like. I think that is the most amazing thing in the whole world. He pays so much attention to me. How can a human being be capable of paying so much attention to me? He has a catalog of my smiles. He knows what kinds of memories go with which expressions because he looks at me and asks what I am thinking over and over.

Having dinner with Tom was intense. And then not. And then it was kind of boring. I couldn't have a conversation with him because he wasn't interested in my point of view. He was dismissive and cold. He didn't mean to be. He could speak perfectly politely as long as he could feel it was entirely "fun".  He wanted to have an agreeable conversation and he was perfectly happy to bulldoze and be rude and ensure that I didn't conversationally disagree with him. I am so happy that I now live with someone who values my opinions even when he doesn't agree with me. It was really nice to see that I have found someone who suits me far better. I am glad I kept looking.

I have to go run.


  1. I'm glad you kept looking, too!

  2. People like that is why I don't think of myself as into SM. Sure, I use SM but that's just a tool, and one of many possible tools, for D/s. Then again, to some people it's a subtle point.

    1. Whenever you comment I smile and feel happy all day. :)

      I'm thinking pretty hard about what I want to get from physical actions. Do the actions have appeal in a vacuum or only as part of a relationship? I'm not sure.

    2. Then I shall have to comment more.

      Of course there is a simple physical pleasure to just the action of sex. But for me, the really exciting stuff happens with at least some connection. I'm not saying that every physical action should be predicated on a deep, meaningful connection. It could be something quite trivial. :) It doesn't have to rise to the level of a relationship but that's nice too.

  3. 'Disappointing' is a resounding theme, about that one. Unfortunately. You're one of many who feel that way. Good that you kept looking and good that you did it before it was too late to have your gorgeous babies.