Friday, June 29, 2012


I'm thinking quite hard about about the different kinds of bdsm play I have engaged in. It seems somehow important. Who did I play with and how? Was heavier play a sign of greater trust or greater stupidity? I'm not sure.

It feels weird to talk about being a masochist. Mostly it hasn't been part of my life since having kids so I haven't thought about it much in years. Except that I'm starting to feel that itch. Part of why I picked Noah as a partner is the way he reacts to that itch. I like the way his reactions make me feel. When I want him to hurt me he gets excited. Visibly excited. Nearly trembling with excitement. I like that I can make him feel that way just by saying yes. Ok, I usually say a lot more than that. I'm kind of a talker.

I don't think I would be able to come up with an accurate list of "everyone I have played with". I think of different event spaces as my way of trying to come up with memories and it isn't a fool-proof system. It's easy for me to forget. I remember some more than others.

The night before Dore Alley in 2000. I hadn't "met" anyone from the scene yet. I hadn't been to a munch yet. An old guy from sent me to the Power Exchange. He gave me an address and told me to go. He didn't explain what I would find. Technically he sent me two weeks before Dore Alley. I was a towel girl with my sister. I was afraid to go alone. She was freaked out. I came back the next week by myself. A gorgeous trans woman picked me out of the crowd and beat me. It was my first flogging. I don't really like being flogged. But it was intense. It was my first experience. I'm grateful. I had to top it off by finding one of the PE employees and expressing my interest bluntly. He pulled me into the laundry room and fucked me there. He wasn't supposed to have sex during his shift. Oh well.

It wasn't my favorite scene ever, but it was my first. It broke the ice. It taught me that there were indeed people who wanted to hit me. It wasn't my imagination. If I found one person I could find more. The next day I went to Dore Alley and spent time with two lovely queer men I knew through campaigning for Californians for Same Sex Marriage. They took delighted half naked pictures of me at the street fair. I had just pierced my nipples. They wanted to see. Sure, why not?

It isn't enough for me that I have done these things. That in the privacy of my own mind I can think back on these events. I like talking about them. I don't like being the only one who knows. When I feel like these stories are only in my head I feel like I should be actively trying to hide them. If people know this about me they won't respect me any more. They won't like me.

When I was eighteen I ran to the sex communities as fast as I could. I had sex with just about everyone who was willing to say "yes". It was awesome. There is power in being a young woman who is willing to say yes. It's a power I have watched slowly slip through my fingers as the years go by. I appeal to different people now. I don't know how to approach them. And now it doesn't matter. I will never go hunting again.

I learned hunting as a skill. I learned how to smell for people who would be interested in me. It's not just that I break the Embargo left and right it is that the kind of sex I want is not standard issue. And for the love of shiny green apples I wish we could dispel this myth that men want to have a lot of sex and women don't. It's horse shit. Some men want a lot of sex. Some women want a lot of sex. And vice versa. Move on. I have ended up with a shockingly high number of partners who were completely uninterested in trying to keep up with my libido. I'm really tired of this myth that men want tons of sex and women turn it down.

When I am thinking about my compulsions fairly clearly I can direct them. I know how to ask for kinds of pain (spankings, canings) that really aren't going to damage me long term--they don't carry the inherent risk that cutting has. Cutting myself with a scalpel is far more potentially dangerous. People do slip and cause too much bleeding. Hit the wrong blood line and you are in trouble. I've looked into that a bit and I avoid those areas but that isn't the point.

Somehow using spanking as a means of controlling my paralyzing anxiety seems nearly benign. I asked Noah for a spanking this morning. I don't feel the strong urge to start the day by smoking pot. My stomach isn't churning. It relieves a lot of that ache. Forcing myself to go through and experience negative/painful feelings causes a relief from the miasma of crazy that rules my life. I can feel a lot more control over how much I hurt when I decide the causes of pain. When my pain comes from the fact that I'm just plain crazy--it's been a rough life--I can't do a lot about that. I feel helpless and scared and trapped. When I am being hurt by a partner as a conscious decision it takes up the same space as my normal crazy and my normal crazy kind of has to back off into a corner and take up less space.

It's going to be interesting to describe my relationship with Tom. I used him. He didn't want to understand what I was doing but I had a pretty clear picture of what I was doing. He didn't want details. I filled my life with externally supplied pain because that allowed me to be much closer to functioning. It couldn't do all the work. I'm still me.

I would like to move through the world without fear. That sounds trite. I would like to move through the world without feeling heart-pounding-terror that people will hate me. Soon more people will come who hate me. They will hurt me. I am different. I am bad. People like me end up in jail. When will I go there? What will I have done? I don't know. I feel like I haven't done anything that bad. That doesn't always seem to matter.

If I lived in the wrong time and place I would absolutely be locked up for being a sexual deviant. That's scary. It is weird knowing that I exist at this intersection of privilege and experience. I don't know what the future will bring. I don't know what experiences I have yet to come.

I'll tell you though, I look at Noah and I'm a lot less scared. He is my bulwark. I feel guilty when I think about my history of partnership because I was desperately searching for someone who was not close to their family. I can't be all that close to someone who has a close relationship with their parents. Steve's parents hated me and openly attacked me at Christmas dinner. Tom's parents didn't like me but weren't loud or rude about it. Puppy's parents and siblings openly ridiculed me and laughed.

Noah's mom hated me when I met her. The first time I met his parents his mom sneered at me that she wanted to have a private conversation with her son and pulled Noah off for a three hour tirade about how awful I was. Noah's response to this was to stop coming home for holidays. He has only gone back to Texas for his brother's wedding. He only did that because I pushed him to do it.

I don't understand why people hate me so much. I know it must be my fault if it happens so often. If the only consistent force in your relationships is you then you must bring the problems, right? Why do so many people feel the urge to berate and belittle me? Why do so many parents feel like they have to tell me how disgusting and bad I am? Steve's parents told me I was going to ruin his life. That was part of why I ran. I couldn't live with that. I couldn't take on the position of whipping girl in a new family. I couldn't once again be the person whose fault every bad thing was. I just couldn't.

Noah picked me. Noah didn't like his family much to start with and he was quite ok with the idea that his path would diverge from theirs. He says their dislike of me isn't my fault or my problem and I don't have to deal with it. I feel so guilty about being the reason he doesn't see his family. To be fair he saw them aout as little as he could get away with before we were together. But now that tolerance has dropped to once every five years. His family has met Shanna once. They haven't met Calli.

I can't be in the closet. I can't keep my mouth shut about who and what I am, about the things I have done. I just can't. I can't act like I am ashamed. Silence is consent to the larger social order. I don't agree with it. I break the rules. I do it loudly and consciously.

For years I have known someone who refers to herself as a sexual outlaw. She did a lot of actual sex work: stripping, phone sex, escorting, being a prodom. I don't do things for money. I do them because I want to. It's confusing. I don't do these things because I need to earn money and I don't mind doing them. I do them because I can't not do them. I need them. I want them.

I like stripping. I've done it in clubs a few times. I always let the people who are on shift have the money. I like having sex with lots of people. I like cybersex and phone sex. I've done them with a myriad of people over the years most of whom I can't really remember.

What does it mean to be a sexual outlaw? I think I have avoided money partially because I don't want to deal with the potential legal ramifications. It's one more thin line I don't have to skate. My income has been small and traceable my entire life. Well, until marrying Noah. Now "my" income isn't small. It's still highly traceable.

I have slept with a number of very inexperienced boys/men. I have done the whole, "I'll teach you how to do this" thing. It's quite fun to take very well endowed boys condom shopping. When they discover that there is a variety of sizes and brands to try so that maybe condoms won't hurt anymore... they light up like a roman candle. You just gave them a present beyond measure.

Sex is a skill like any other. I found out a lot about the variation possible. It was fun. How can I talk about it without sounding like I am still hunting for it?

I've been thinking about my Top Five. Why they are there. How I feel about them. How I feel about the fact that there are four men walking around in the world I will have a difficult but not impossible time saying no to. They are the ones who have earned privileges over many years. They are the ones who understand the compulsive hypersexual part of me. They are all compulsively hypersexual as well. That is a lot of why I bonded with them so fiercely. Not very many men understand the degree to which sex has shaped my life. Very few men have enough sex to understand it. Very few men run across women who are willing to have the kind and quantity of sex I have had.

The internet is not providing me the data I want. Stupid internet. All I can find is that most extremely promiscuous women max out around twenty lifetime partners. That makes me giggle. I love how websites say: "Then you find out your 23 year old girlfriend has slept with 17 men and you feel kind of repulsed." Ha. By 23 I hit triple digits. I'm repulsive. Awesome.

Why does this make me repulsive? I don't understand. It's a taboo. I rigorously get STD testing. When I was being rampantly slutty I got tested every three months and I used condoms religiously and I even used dental dams a few times. I never got good at them, but during the really risk-taking stage I tried to figure it out.

I feel defensive and sad. No one is actively judging me this minute (I can believe this because it is early in the morning and normal people are sleeping) so I don't need to feel these feelings. Sometimes life just works that way.

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  1. "most extremely promiscuous women max out around twenty lifetime partners"
    Sheeeeeeeeit. I have more than that (and I haven't had very many new ones in the past 3 years). I don't really consider myself promiscuous at all. Strangely enough, the one person I know for a fact DOES see me in that light went on a mission in her twenties to fuck 100 men in a year.