Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tall Paul

My dad was really tall. He was 6'7". He was the tallest in a fairly tall family. The one time I was in a room with a bunch of Archer women (they all have different last names now because they married out of the family so I don't feel too bad about outing their name) I was reminded that I was tainted by lesser blood. "Your father did marry a short woman. I guess we should have expected a midget." I'm 5'5". The next shortest woman in the room was 5'8". They Archers have a nose built for looking down on people. My sister told me when I was a kid, "It's a good thing you have the Archer nose so that you can look down on people who are taller than you."

My brothers were really nasty to me about my size when I was growing up. They were four and a half and eight years, respectively, older than me. Of course I was smaller than them. But they were mean about it. Jimmy called me, "Midget" and he didn't have a smile on his face. He would "accidentally" smack me in the face with his elbows and then say he can't be held responsible for not seeing a midget.

It's kind of funny because on my mom's side of the family I am the tallest woman in a few generations. I grew up around women who are all much smaller than me so they always talked about how unusually large I was. I really don't have much perspective on myself. I don't know if I am a big person or not.

Recently I was lucky enough to have two friends come over to see me on the same day. That was kind of an accident but it was nice. They both happen to be quite tall. Of course they got around to telling me that I am a midget.

I blinked. I don't think my facial expression changed much. I was trying hard to control the urge to do something violent. I felt such a massive over reaction that I knew there was no way I could react at all. I could feel paralysis set in. Just blink. I'm pretty sure I bit my lip. I tried to control the tears.

I have always cried when I am frustrated. Tears just spring into action. I feel so much anger, so much intensity that I want to hurt someone or something. I know there is nothing I can do. I can't make the feeling go away. I can't change how anyone is going to treat me. I can't do anything about anything. So my eyes well up with tears. These days I don't feel exactly the same way. I can do things. But not when I am flooded. Not when I hear Jimmy in my head sneering "Midget".

My therapist told me on Thursday that she needs to stop doing private practice because she has ten months left to complete things for her license and she needs to concentrate on that. I enthusiastically told her I support her doing that. I could immediately feel walls come up. I no longer felt like I had things I wanted to tell her. She was no longer going to be a carrier of my story. I feel like I have to pull back all of the energy I store up to give her and conserve it very carefully.

I'm not up for running out and finding a new therapist this month. Therapy is a relationship. I need space between them so I can regroup and really understand what my current need is in a therapist because things change. Sharon was great when I wanted EMDR to help me deal with the miscarriages and two people who were close to me overdosing on heroin in a short period of time. She was not a good long term therapist for me. My needs changed.

I will need to figure out what I should be looking for right now. There is a big part of me that wants to tell my current therapist that I will wait out the year and hope she comes back to private practice. The two former therapists I really bonded with are both dead. I don't have very many people in the whole world who have listened to me actually tell my stories out loud. Many people have read them. Not many people have been interested in knowing this part of me. Finding a new therapist is hard.

In February I was told, "There are no personal problems they are all problems of the community." I'm not sure I know what I need right now. I am going to take advantage of the unexpected budget win-fall and go see my acupuncturist. (See, I only used two c's in the word instead of three. I can be taught. Eventually.) That will be good. I can get new glasses. Woo. These are more than two years old and I have a constant low level headache because they are out of date. No bueno.

It's hard how much my current life is influenced by people who hated me. It's decidedly inconvenient at times. I really wish I could get them out of my head.


  1. So sorry about being rude Krissy. I didn't mean to hurt you and will do my best to not hurt you in this way again.

    1. Wonderful friend you don't need to apologize to me for this again. You were playing and had no idea that it would bother me. I hold no grudge. You are not a mean or hurtful person. I'm quite grateful you let me be part of your life. I'm sorry I am so sensitive.