Tuesday, July 24, 2012

stupid body

I'm frustrated and angry. I can't seem to get off. It's this ache inside of me, this need. But I can't get there. The galling thing is I know I would be able to go find a stranger on the internet and get off. My orgasm response is largely tied to being performative. That's not really how my sex life works any more. So I just don't get off. And if I'm any kind of honest I will admit that I kind of hate Noah right now. He can get off. No problem. And I'm left with this feeling of being a cum dumpster. It's the only god damn reason I participate in sex. He needs somewhere for the goo to go.

I feel frustrated and angry. Running doesn't help this ache. I can rarely make myself come when I masturbate (not that I get almost any chance to do that anyway).

Today I hate my body. It hurts. It feels bad. I feel so angry. So frustrated. I hate my body.


  1. Happens to me too, when I'm having a bad flare. I just can't tense up enough to get off without seriously injuring myself. I don't mind being my husband's cum dumpster, though. Him getting off is the next best thing to me getting off. You aren't just somewhere for the goo to go, Krissy.

    Bodies are a bitch. I'm so sorry. If I could help, I would. I wish I could.