Friday, August 17, 2012


I wanted to write about fifteen miles while it was fresh in my mind. I didn't. It was euphoric and triumphant. Tomorrow morning I am going to do sixteen miles. I'm changing directions slightly for the early part and adding hill. I'm a little nervous. I'm hoping to once again make it in four hours. That's cocky. That's really cocky. We are meeting at the same place. Mmmm rewarding noodles.

It's hard knowing that it is probably smart for people to keep me out at arms length. If you keep me out at arms length I never start to have expectations of you. I won't let myself feel like I need something from you. For me to have needs in the direction of people is usually the kiss of death. Noah is the last man standing.

Does that make me straight?

I think about that a lot lately. I think about self-identity. What is the point? The point is that if someone wants to know what the difference is between having sex with someone who is transgendered, transvestite, or a butch dyke I can describe it in great detail from personal experience. It was all fun.

Sometimes I look at Noah and feel kind of weird. It's sort of ironic that I married someone from a small Texas town who had some kind of semi-status from inherited position there. Given my history I mean. And together we are very cis-gendered.

What does being queer mean, anyway?

What does being a "runner" mean? If I walk sixteen miles tomorrow because I am tired am I a "runner"?

I have endurance. I am persistant to the limits I can achieve with my body. I'm not naturally athletic or gifted. I'm stubborn. I'm angry. I'm sad. I have so much grief. I want to prove to myself that I am as good as my brother. No, I'm not as fast as him. I hope he has matured to the point where he wouldn't be an asshole about that. I think so.

I'm scared to see him and I'm scared not to see him. He despises me. He despises what I have done and who I am and that I had the utter gall to talk about it in public. But I'm going to drive my husband nuts with having to accomodate me as I train for a marathon on my brother's turf.

Fuck you. You can't tell me that I am weak. I am here. And at the end I will still be standing.

Lately I feel very weak. I have a lot of needs that are going unmet. I'm getting brittle. It's hard because I can only handle asking someone to meet a need of mine if I am very ok with the answer being "no". If I can't take a no then I can't ask. If I ask when I can't afford to be told no and I don't get help I will turn my frustration and rage on my unsuspecting friend. That's not fair. I don't do that.

Right now there is a towering avalanche of need. But I am so afraid of saying the wrong thing or offending people or being disappointed that I don't know how to deal with any of it. There are a lot of different things going on right now I can't talk about in writing. That's hard for me. That feels silencing. That makes me feel angry on top of whatever I'm feeling anyway.

I'm sure some rational person would say, "Well why don't you just write it and keep it private then".

I don't know. I learned a long time ago that I don't write for me, exactly. I can only write if I believe someone is reading it. I have never been able to consistently maintain a paper journal but if someone speaks up and says, "By the way I read your blog every day. I care about you." Motherfucker I'll write every day. I'll find the time. I will conjure it out of thin air.

It feels sick. This need in me to be seen. I started crying earlier when I realized I treat that ridiculous random validation as the closest thing I will ever have to a mother checking in on me. I feel so alone in the world. Multiple people asked me if I was ok.

It's kind of hard for me when people notice me. I feel like Eeyore. I used to play games with not posting on my blog for months at a stretch and people didn't notice. I took that as validation that people wouldn't notice or be particularly impacted if I died. It actually made me feel better. Because suicide was an option that would be far less selfish for me than most people. Before I got married. Before I had kids.

I don't have anyone in my life other than Noah with whom I have an intense on-going relationship. Ok, Shanna and Calli. Every other person in my life spends very few hours with me during the course of a year.

If I don't write on the internet, do I exist?

If I don't write on the internet I am surely invisible. My pragmatic self says that if I don't write on the internet people only know the handful of sentences we exchange in person. That isn't knowing me even slightly. From that I will decide I should be invisible. I will always believe that is just and right and the natural order of things. People like me are born bad. We should suffer in silence. If we talk about what is going on in our minds then we are traumatizing people and we don't have the right to do that.

I'm scared of the hunt for a new therapist. During my last search I had a few one time only visits. Including with someone who told me point blank that I should never participate in group therapy or write about my experiences in a public way because that is abusive and traumatizing to the people who hear or read about my life. I don't have the right to do that.

I have to be very careful who I allow to be an authority in my life. I have done too many things that make me already damned in the eyes of many. For a great many people I am already beyond redemption. If you think I am exaggerating then you have lead a very privileged life. I have to be careful who I allow to judge me. Well, I have to be careful if I am going to care about that judgment.

So when people tell me to just "get over" my experiences. Well, despite the fact that it makes me feel pathetic I may well be in therapy the rest of my life. They are going to always be the longest running relationships in my life outside of Noah and the kids. I need to have something. It's very easy to deem this need pathetic if you have ways of getting your needs met that are simply not available to me.

I don't know who are what I am defending myself against. The voices in my head. The reasons my throat feels choked all the time. I should be silent. Just shut up. Just listen. Nothing you have to say is interesting any way. Stop. Fucking. Whining.

I go to bed and wake up thinking that I want to die. I want to stop feeling this way. It hurts to move. It hurts all the time. And I don't know what to do other than wait it out. That's what I've always done. But this time I can't do any of the impulsive things I have always done. It's really hard. I feel like I am vibrating with tension. My muscles radiate.

I need to stretch more. I need to sleep more. I need to rest more. I need.. I need a mommy I can call and say, "Come love my babies for me so I can sleep." But I don't have one. And that's just life.

I have to believe that my grief matters. Whether any one else does or not. I have to. I miss my mother. The price I pay for being allowed to go about my life without being abused is that aching hole inside me. There is a cost to everything. I miss my mother. I miss my mother like I would miss an amputated limb. I reach for her. I smell her. I see her in the mirror and in my children.

I want my mother so much I feel like I am going to explode. But contacting her would be the worst thing in the world. For everyone. For me. For my kids. For my mom. Because if I yo-yo back and forth and ask them to make it up to me I am setting myself up in the power position. I'm saying I want to be the next abuser. No. No. No.

There is a lot more I want to say. There isn't much more I can dance around with anything resembling eloquence. And besides, I have to get up and walk (I will jog!) sixteen miles.

I will be able to call myself a marathoner. I'll be crafty and specific. I didn't saying "running". That way I deal with no assholes and I still make my point.

It feels pathetic to want to figure out who I am. I am nothing. I came from nothing that should be. Nothing I can claim. I am nothing on my own in the world. I exist in relationship to three people.

I'm telling you people, my family had better not die in a freak crash without me. I won't make it through the day. I'm only a little paranoid about them dying. But I do cry if the word comes through my head. I can't lose them. They are all I have.

I need sleep. Sleep. Go to sleep. Stop crying. Sleep. Stretch first. It'll be ok. Really. It's always ok in the end. If it's not ok yet, it's not the end. If you're going through hell, etc.

Mental illness is a liar.

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