Sunday, August 19, 2012

This is why I don't have friends.

So someone decided to tell me that I am "too smart" to believe a fairly extreme interpretation of the opinion of the laws of my country. Specifically, that lawmakers who push through anti-abortion laws have more interest in preserving the parental rights of rapists than in protecting me.

I feel so much rage. I would like to punch that man in the face. I don't think I should be in a room with him for a while. I'm fucking tired of the condescension. This is why I don't have more friends. I have a hard time suffering fools.

When I was eighteen years old I met a guy online and brought him to a party. He drugged me and raped me. I called the police the next day and told them that I would like to press charges. I had physical evidence. It was soon enough that I probably could have gone to the hospital for a rape kit and to be tested for the drugs he gave me. But I was stupid and I didn't think of it. I called the police and asked them to help me.

I was told "What did you expect?" The officer refused to press charges. It might harm my rapist's career in the Coast Guard. There is no doubt in my mind that the Sheriff who told me that I got what I deserved would be on the side of that guy getting to know his kid. I'm really grateful that most of my rapists decided to wear condoms. That bit of magnanimous action is probably the only reason I have not had to have an abortion or be a severely abusive mother. I promise you that if I had a child because someone raped me I wouldn't be a good mother. It's not the kid's fault--of course. But shit rolls down hill.

"Too smart" how condescending, rude, and arrogant. Ah, so I must be smart enough to agree with a man. I see. Well I suppose that means you are giving me undue credit.

I live in a world that goes back and forth between how it treats me. On one hand women should be pure and innocent until they meet the right man. On the other hand men have needs and there should be trashy women they don't have to care about who are required to meet those needs whenever desired. Try to tell me I am wrong.

I have been the whore no one had to give a shit about for most of my life. I am self-sufficient. My needs are my problem and no one else's. That has been made very clear to me.

Noah is different. The only reason I understand that not everyone is treated as a hole who is required to serve whom ever when ever is because I read books and I finally found someone who is nice to me. I am so grateful that he is nice to me. He really is. He's gentle. He tries to be considerate. When he is self-absorbed for a while and I break down crying he doesn't get mad at me. He apologizes for ignoring me and loves on me. (Not sex.) It's so weird. Someone cares about me. Someone thinks that me feeling good and safe and loved is important. How very different from the rest of the world.

People are happy to say that they think I should feel good, even that I deserve to feel good and safe and loved. But they won't do anything about their behavior to help me feel that way. I'm just supposed to magically start feeling that way. I don't know about other people, but it doesn't work that way for me.

In order for me to feel safe I have to avoid people who are going to denigrate my intelligence if I have the audacity to have different life experiences. When a man is arguing with me about rape rhetoric it's not exactly a level playing field. They are trying to argue the ideals and the best possible case scenario so they can look reasonable and logical. I'm telling you what has happened to me. Fuck you. Don't fucking tell me how our system should work and look down on me because it doesn't fucking work that way.

The last guy who raped me before Noah showed up to rescue me didn't use a condom. He got me so drunk I passed out and had unprotected sex with me. I would have been thrilled to have sex with him--with a condom. He didn't want that so he stacked the deck and had the kind of sex he wanted to have. It's a good thing I was on birth control. How do you think the Dickens Fair community would have reacted if I had shown up pregnant claiming that one of the popular actors raped me? No one would believe it. I got what I was asking for anyway. And I would have had to share custody.

Don't fucking tell me I am "too smart" to believe that politicians want to actively hurt me. Life has taught me that slowly and painfully. I think I should do some unfriending. It's really not worth the aggravation.

I think every so often about the fact that if I hadn't been white I don't think there is any chance in the world I would be where I am. I would not be safe. I would still be suffering. It feels wildly unfair. I have a lot of survivors guilt.

If I wasn't white then the lawyer who defended me when I was five wouldn't have allowed his daughter to be friends with me. I doubt he would have worked for me for cheap. That annuity changed my life. If I wasn't white I wouldn't have been interesting to someone like Tom. He helped support me for years and gave me a safe, stable place to attend college from. I doubt I would have finished college without his help. Noah probably wouldn't have recognized me as being like him if I wasn't white.

It all feels like an accident. I feel like I got lucky over and over. I only got the help I needed because my outside appearance was pleasing enough. Because men with money want to fuck me and in this country the men with money are mainly white.

I'm not supposed to say that, right?

In this country you have rights if you have enough power and money to fight for them. Poor women of color are rarely in that category. When white men tell me that I am being melodramatic when I interpret laws in the ways that I do I feel so much rage and anger I want to physically attack them. How god damn dare you try to interpret the experiences of people who will never have your advantages. Never have your opportunities. Never have the protection you enjoy under the law.

And when my "friends" start lecturing about how taxes are theft and the government is stealing their money to give it away to unfit people I want to go on a shooting spree. I'm not sure I qualify as a Libertarian any more.

You have enough. You have so much that you have a lot of needless fluff in your life. You have extra money and food and everything else. Why are you such a selfish piece of shit that you think that other people should suffer because you don't want to share? Welcome to America. If you can get it for yourself then you can have it, no matter how many people you have to step on and hurt in the way. If you want to live a reasonably decent life with dignity you had got damn better pick the right kind of white family to be born into.

I am so angry.

I am angry with myself that I don't have more energy to work in social justice now. But I can't. I would do a lot of damage to my kids if I tried. That feels humiliating. I can't do much to change the world right now. All I can do is talk about how fucked up it is. I can talk about how it has hurt me. Often when I talk about how it has hurt me other women will come talk to me about their stories. They feel less alone. If that is the only gift I have to give at this point then I had better start curling ribbon to put on top.

I don't hate all white men. Noah doesn't condescend to me. He doesn't denigrate my intelligence. He doesn't insult me. He is fairly unusual among the white men of my experience. He doesn't act like it takes an act of Congress to force him to apologize when he is accidentally a douche. I didn't know that men like him existed.

Noah is my first experience with a man who treats me like an equal. The other men I deal with act like I should look up to them and their experience, their wisdom, and respect them. I'd rather eat worms.

I don't respect people more or less based on their job or their money. I respect people for how they exist in the world. I know a lot of people who are actively working to make the world better. They do it in a wide variety of ways. No one is perfect. One of the most important things you can do to make the world a better place is to stop treating women like they are less than men. A lot of people do. This is not a guy thing. Misogyny is alive and well among women.

I'm also going to take a moment to say that I hate everyone who says, "Pregnancy is not a disability" whether they are men or women. I'm glad you have had that experience. I was enormously sick and incapable. I guess that makes me inferior, pathetic, and bad. I was disabled. I was on bed rest. I had to not walk around or I puked all over the place. I lost 18 pounds by the end of my second trimester because I was so sick.

But I was supposed to shake it off and "act normal" because men don't go through this period where an alien parasite invades their bodies so obviously I shouldn't be effected by the experience. If I have issues it is all my mind. I could function if I just wasn't so lazy.

I really hate people. Yes, I could have kept teaching. Even though it was technically illegal for me to leave the classroom unsupervised to go vomit several times a day. I guess I should have been puking in the trash can. Geez, these lazy women wanting special treatment while they vomit uncontrollably. What the fuck is their problem.

This is all wrapped up for me. When a man tells me I am "too smart" to believe that lawmakers might push things through in a way that is severely problematic and dangerous to me I reference back to my life experience.

I'm always told things will be easy. That I shouldn't complain. It's easy for every one else, why am I whining.

I'm sorry I'm not you. And yet, fuck you. No I'm not. You are a fucking asshole and I don't want to be like you.

I react the way I react based on a life of experiences. Do not insult me. Do not talk down to me. Those are not the only rapes in my life. When I am trying to decide how I feel about rape I have a wide variety of emotions available to me based on a wide variety of circumstances and occasions. I'm sure they are all my fault. What else did I expect?

I expect that people think I am a worthless piece of shit. I am a hole with no value of my own. The only reason to keep me or people like me around is if you want a hole. I should not get much say so about who goes in or who comes out. It's not my place. I'm just the hole.

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  1. I've been libertarian all my political life; but I had to start calling myself a Tax & Spend libertarian once the Libertarian party went all weasel-loving and greedy. While I think folks should be largely allowed to do whatever they want, I also think taxes ought to be high enough to provide everyone with all the basic housing, health care, education and legal representation they want, no questions asked.