Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Can't sleep. Captain Hook will get me.

I can't sleep. I should have brought sleeping pills. I read somewhere that if you take sleeping pills you are five times more likely to die. I've been trying to not take them. See, I didn't even pack any. Obviously I don't want to take them. But I fell asleep at nine and I woke up at midnight and I've been awake for an hour fretting and I don't feel the least bit tired. I feel amped and anxious. I feel like my heart is about to jump out of my chest.

I'm thinking about self-mutilation. I think I am writing the intro for that chapter in my head right now instead of sleeping. (I honestly don't want to really write it tonight--sleeeeeeeeeep.) Self-mutilation is a big topic. It's cutting and burning and banging your head and all sorts of other fun ways to spend an afternoon. Everyone self-mutilates in slightly different ways for slightly different reasons.

Personally I like cutting the best because I like seeing blood. I think I don't have scars from cutting because of my "personal style". I like to do tiny cuts that are just barely deep enough to break blood vessels and then I will do dozens or hundreds of those until I have enough visual sensation of blood. Other people like going deeper because they like the pain of cutting muscle. That kind of pain doesn't give me the focus or control I want. It makes me feel triggered and frantic. Everyone is different.

Bad coping methods. They truly are better than nothing. If nothing will get you dead do something bad instead.

I don't carry sleeping pills with me because I am always afraid I will have a bad day and be done. It feels like having them with me is too big of a risk. In my house I can handle having A Dose but I don't trust myself outside of my house. I have worked up a ritual and an approach and a way of managing myself at home. It's different everywhere else. My resources are spread differently. It's harder to have the self control to take a dose. I'm just so freaked out that I want to sleep and I'll do anything. Including taking way too many pills. Because today it feels like nothing could possibly be strong enough to make me sleep. My brain is cycling around too fast and all I want to do is sleep. I don't think I would be able to take one dose. I would take one and five minutes later another and five minutes later another until I fell asleep.

That's kind of bad. So I don't do that.

Instead I write an email to an old friend telling him that even though I am generally speaking a judgmental asshole and I'm really mean I don't think I clearly told him that I think he could be a good parent. I need to say that. I need to say it without other things right next to it so the message isn't lost.

I think about Jimmy. I think about Tommy. I think about that little fucker at Lakeside who broke my arm because Tommy wanted him to.

I may end up finding a dispensary down here. If I am going to go buy drugs to help me calm down it is probably a better idea to prioritize being more stoned over taking more sleeping pills. I don't want to smoke at Disneyland so I'm limited to the other methods I had on hand. It's a very scant week's supply. I certainly don't have enough to also take it to help me sleep. That's probably a bad choice right this minute. In fact as I am sitting here typing it occurs to me: I do have medication that will make me sleep tonight. I'm not taking it because I'm trying to ration it. But I can buy more. I'm one of those asshole privileged people. I don't have to deal with this feeling all night long so that I am a nightmare tomorrow.

Thinking! I can do it! The awesome part is how fast that is to implement. Done.

The funny part is I won't feel it for a really long time. So I'm still going to be up for a while. Just knowing that I've already started solving the problem is relaxing. I won't be awake all night. Ok, so I'll probably be awake for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night. I hear that it is fairly normal for my species. It's only going to be 2-3 hours because I medicated. Otherwise I would watch the sun come up.

I can't do everything. Sometimes it feels like I can do very little. I can not-die today. I will touch people who love me and let them touch me--even when it is hard. When I read about attachment theory it makes me very sad. I can't let people touch me very often. I don't feel very "attached". I feel like I am free floating. Only G-d knows where I will land.

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