Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emotional volatility, yup that's me.

My brother is not racing. Blacksheep's plane was delayed six hours then cancelled. She caught a much later flight to a totally different airport. She will arrive at her moms-in-law's house less than twelve hours before the race.

That's pretty god damn intense. She is working hard to get here. Wow.

I can't get more pot. Apparently SoCal dispensaries require you to have the Full Letter from your doctor. I've never been asked for it before. Fuck. I cried all the way back from the dispensary. I went to three checking.

I feel like I am supposed to be in many places at once, always being nice. I'm not nice. I want to scream and jump up and down and kick things.

I have completely shredded my cheeks, tongue, and parts of my gums from anxiety. I can't cut anymore so I will apparently suck on my mouth like I'm on ecstasy. I guess I shouldn't even have written the word yesterday. Ha. I'm not on e. I'm very sober. It's shitty.

It will work out. I may go home a day early. Yes, I'm that lame right now. It's either that or sit in the hotel room crying because there is no way I will be able to handle crowds the day after the marathon sober. Just no. I don't have that to give right now.

We'll see. I'm tired. My neck hurts. I've had a headache for days. I haven't actually packed for the marathon yet (I'm not sleeping here tonight). I think I am avoiding doing so because I want to quit. I don't want to run. But Blacksheep went to an awful lot of trouble. And I know my brother won't be there. It's a bucket list thing.

My brother decided not to do it. I don't know why. I will never know why. I will probably never see anyone who shares my blood other than my children again. I'm really glad I have kids. A bucket list wouldn't be enough today.

This is what I medicate away from. This sensation of being trapped in a rusty bear trap. I would like to chew off my leg just to get away from the trap. Surely whatever damage I do to myself doesn't matter. I just need to get away.

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