Monday, October 22, 2012

Results of ballot discussion

We had a lively discussion I think. I certainly didn't agree with everything said. Ha.

Prop 30: No one was completely thrilled about the wording of this prop because it doesn't guarantee that the money will go to schools. However if you are serious about supporting school funding, voting yes for this is probably worth doing. If you strenuously object to tax hikes then I guess you'll vote no.

Prop 31: How do you feel about corruption? Do you like it better on the city level or on the state level? That's pretty much what this one is about. How is the money parceled out? If you vote yes you think that corruption should be kept to a city by city deal. If you vote no you are saying there is less waste in administering things on a state level. I will probably vote no.

Prop 32: I have a big stick up my _____ about unions. I'm not big on them. I feel personally offended by them having taken money out of my paycheque and used it how they wanted to without my consent. That said, this prop takes away power from people who traditionally have little power and does not restrict people who already have a surplus of power. I say vote no.

Prop 33: This will allow insurance companies to seriously penalize new drivers. Like that demographic needs more grief. I'm voting no.

Prop 34: This one is about the death penalty. I think most people vote their conscious on this kind of thing. There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides. I will be voting no. (That means I'm ok with people being killed. If you aren't ok with people being killed vote yes.)

Prop 35: Horribly worded and overly broad one about human trafficking. It won't help any persecuted populations and it will hurt a lot of fairly innocent people. Please vote no.

Prop 36: This one is about the three strikes law. Voting yes restores the intent of the law and potentially allows a lot of people out of prison who shouldn't be there. I say vote yes.

Prop 37: Labeling for GMO foods. I've heard arguments on both sides. I want more information in my life so I'm voting yes. If you have blind faith in scientists vote no.

Prop 38: Another increase in taxes for schools. This is more direct and more helpful. I say vote yes. Just because my kids aren't in the public system that doesn't change my feelings that we should be funding it as much as possible.

Prop 39: Currently a lot of businesses get out of paying taxes here. This closes loopholes and will mean more tax money for the state. I say vote yes. The idea that people will just stop doing business here is hilarious.

Prop 40: I say vote yes because a no vote would mean a bunch of wasted money on redistricting we don't need to spend.

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