Sunday, November 11, 2012

Maybe if I leave the monsters here I can sleep.

I can't sleep. I don't feel good about keeping Noah awake with my crying. Ok internet, you can keep me company. I have done the best that I can with my ergonomic set up. I hope I don't regret tonight. My arms hurt.

I can't sleep because when I lie in bed I acutely notice this spot deep in my belly that has hurt since Calli was born. It hurts when I twist at all from a prone position. I'm kind of worried something is wrong.

I tried seeing a doctor a little over a year ago. I was told by the general doctor that she wouldn't do anything for me until I dealt with psychiatry. Psychiatry told me they wouldn't work with me until I stopped nursing and stopped smoking pot and start taking pills that will make my life a living hell.

I need a new doctor.

The problem is that finding a new doctor is kind of a nightmare of humiliation and expense. Doctors like to give me transvaginal ultrasounds despite knowing I am paying out of pocket and don't want the procedure--I asked to just have a blood test. "Oh I just want to check."

And I shut down. And I do what I am told. And I have to listen to a nasty lecture about how my previous miscarriage was my fault because I am still nursing Shanna and I will lose the baby I am carrying right now if I don't stop nursing her immediately.

I didn't stop nursing Shanna. She didn't stop nursing until she was three. A full nine months after her sister was born.

Doctors are just people. But they think they are Smarter and Wiser than stupid little me. Even though this is my body.

I was told that my grandmother (father's mother) died of cancer. It wasn't found until it was too late for treatment. She was a stubborn woman and even though she was told she would die immediately she held out long enough to gather all of her grandchildren together one last time and then sit down with all of her sisters and do a crossword puzzle. It took a few months to arrange, apparently. Then she died.

I can't help but wonder if she felt the pain inside her and thought, like me, I hope this kills me. Then at least my kids won't have to deal with my suicide.

This is not a good approach to health care management. I really hate dealing with doctors. I find the entire process degrading and insulting. I never get adequate treatment and I always end up shutting my stupid mouth and consenting to procedures I initially protest. Not because I am convinced they are necessary--because when a sociopath tells me to shut up I do. I know I am at the bottom of the caste system. I shut up when I am scared. When I get to the point of going to see a doctor I am scared.

I don't feel I can ask my midwife about it. She badly handled my labor. Really badly. She was burnt out on driving to Fremont. She shouldn't have taken me on as a client. She didn't really have the patience for dealing with me. She kept me from dying as I hemorrhaged in my bed so I feel like she fully earned her fee and all. But I don't trust her any more. I will never ask her for help of any kind again.

I don't want to keep Noah up as I cry because when you have mental illness you have to be aware of the cost on the people around you. I have to be careful not to overburden him. I can't be too dependent on him. It's not his fault that I don't really have anyone else.

Noah and I are having a lot of hard conversations. And I'm not going to give details about them on the internet. He doesn't get a lot of privacy in this lifetime but he gets a little.

Hard shit is hard. And tonight I'm having quite a pity party. I want to say that it feels like my whole fucking life has been hard. On one hand I want to berate myself for my hyperbole. On the other hand... can't I justifiably say that? I mean, I do have easier periods. I'm drowning. And it's my fucking problem.

And the lady who actually likes me in the home schooling group is telling me she might stop coming. (btw Lisa--don't bloody tell anyone about the shit I write here.) That makes my throat close with fear. I wish the universe would stop fucking kicking me.

I feel like I must not be fit for human companionship. Otherwise I wouldn't manage to drive people away so effectively. No one seems to be able to bear very much of me. They only want small pieces.

I had a hard time at the convention for a variety of reasons. I couldn't be the performative whore. I am not hunting. I am trying to actively discourage people. I had to turn down multiple requests to play (which shocked the fuck out of me--that is not usual) which is kind of awkward. "Sorry but you don't get to beat me in pay back for me beating on your (wasn't then) wife many years ago." Awww. Sad face. But but... I would look so cute bruised.

Yeah. A lot of people have thought that. A lot of people have wanted me to be in pain.

I feel like I am drowning. A nice bus to the head sounds really good right now. And close by. I think the best part of suicide is you don't have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

I know someone who jumped in front of a train and survived. He lost the bottom part of a leg. He went on to become a minister. I fucked him in the dorm building of his seminary school. He was one of the most brutal people I have ever had sex with. He had an incredibly strong upper body (duh--he had to walk with crutches most of the time and he was a big man) and he really wanted to bruise me.

I was lying on the bed on my side. I was trying to look tempting. He mocked me and asked if I was playing my whore game. I kind of sputtered. Then he slapped his hands down on my side just below my armpit and my upper thigh really hard and picked me up and threw me against the wall.

I lay there and convulsed until he started hitting me again. He really liked slapping my face.

I chanted in my head, "I'm supposed to like this. I'm supposed to like this."

After a few minutes of alternating between slapping my face and my breasts and my thighs and my belly he spread my legs open. He started hitting my cunt.

I didn't really keep track of how long that went on but I just about levitated off the bed. It fucking hurt.

Then he put a condom on. Then he picked me up by the hips and flipped me over to my front. He yanked me up onto my knees and he entered me from behind.

It hurt. I wasn't particularly well lubricated and condoms tear me internally during the best of times. Legacy of a network of scars that line my vagina. I was raped a little too much a little too early. I've seen the scars. A gynecologist used a clear speculum and a light and a mirror to show me why sex hurt me so much when I was 22.

I always thought it was just supposed to feel that way.

Being at the con this weekend was hard in a variety of ways. When I think about the things I have done I feel a wide variety of emotions. I don't know what my core values are. I don't know what I am most proud of beyond my children. I feel dead inside. I feel like I am nothing. I have nothing to give. I am a bottomless pit of need and that will always be just my problem. I don't live in West Africa. We don't consider stupid bitches like me community problems. (Errr--note to new readers: I participated in a grief ritual facilitated by a West African woman who talked about her tribe. It was a life changing experience. Sobonfu Somé is the name of the woman who presented and if you ever get a chance to work with her do it.)

My community is only interested in me if I want to dress like a whore and be beaten so they can watch and beat off. Or at the very least pawn off my kids on babysitters multiple nights of the week so I can "go out and have fun". No.

I'm not interesting as myself. I have to play their games. I'm busy. I think my children deserve this span of time. They won't be with me forever. In the long run, this is absolutely worth the sacrifices.

I hope. I pray to a God I would like to spit on. I think I am kind of officially "agnostic" at this point. I am trying to hope that science is right. Otherwise there is some all knowing "benevolent" person who wants me to suffer a really lot.

See Noah--I'm not just crying because of you.

I keep trying to tell myself that mental illness is a liar. This will pass. I will not always feel this way. I objectively know that I have non-depressed periods. It has been a bad three years.

I'm tired of being lied to. I'm tired of feeling abandoned and unwanted. I'm tired of people telling me how bad I am. I'm tired of being afraid of the next lie. How am I going to be hurt next? I HAVE GOOD FUCKING REASONS FOR BEING PARANOID. GIVE ME A GOD DAMN BREAK. But I hear I need to get over it anyway.

I think the stress is going to eat me alive. There isn't much of my body that doesn't hurt.

Noah is about to go through open enrollment at work. Our insurance is probably going to change again. I will probably not see a doctor before that happens.

I don't think it is serious. But it feels like something pulsing. Like a piece of intestine got stuck between the abdominal muscles when they healed after the pregnancy. It's a very dull ache. If it was sharp and piercing I would go see a doctor immediately. I tell myself that it could be referred pain. It's nothing. I'm fine. I'm just a hypochondriac--just like my mama always (and I mean fucking always) said.

I have all the old goodies playing tonight. I hate my mother and I miss my mom so bad I feel like the top of my head is going to explode with pain. I have a blinding headache. I've been crying for a long time really hard. I'm probably getting dehydrated. And it's not like I'm sleeping when I should be sleeping. And I've been sleep deprived for years.

Did I mention that the kids are going through a boundary testing phase and it is hard to not scream at them all day every day? I am not doing so. I'm not entirely sure that letting them watch the ipad for many hours a day is a great solution either. I don't have a better one.

It was really weird being at the con. It's really weird thinking about the things I have done. I don't think I regret any of it. I learned from it. I learned what I specifically needed to learn from it.
Today I saw people I have beaten and tied up. People (male, female, other) I have had sex with.

It is so completely removed from my life now. I have done stage performances of bdsm with some of the people I saw this weekend. I didn't see many classes. I have had contact with the presenters of all of the ones I did see for a decade or so.

In the class on erotic humiliation the presenter asked the audience to insult her core values (her Japanese-Americaness, her worthiness of being loved, her desirability, and her intelligence) in a sentence. After I listened to the audience fumble and lamely half-ass it for a few minutes I yelled, "Who would ever want an ugly, stupid, worthless Chink like you." Her head whipped over. She told me to stand up and yell it louder. I made my voice get mean. I said it again.

Then I sat down really fast and my face was read and my heart was pounding and I was out of breath. She and I communicated about how much saying that affected me. She talked about how it effected the other people in the audience. Fucking awkward. (She was thrilled. That was exactly what she was fishing for.)

Do I still want to be this person?


  1. i won't tell...and i will still come to the park if you do (other indoor, crowded events are still a maybe though)

  2. Is it possible to have a friend serve as an advocate for you at the doctor? Someone who will say, "No, no transvaginal ultrasound. No, you will not be pushing her off to psych, you will figure out what's wrong with her or if she ends up with a hernia or something, you will be finding your ass sued for malpractice"...? It seems like *everyone* needs a medical advocate these days - things are so complicated, the system is so messed up, the right hand isn't talking to the left, etc etc. And when we're unwell and scared, we need one even more.

    1. The problem with depending on "friends" is uhm I don't have any who live close to me who are active in my life. I don't have people with extra hours to kill in the middle of the day so they can babysit me.

  3. Can the dispensary/doc who gave you a recommendation refer you to a physician who is on your insurance? someone who is more likley to understand?


    1. Looks like it is about to get really annoying because we are switching back to Kaiser. They don't like complicated patients like me.

    2. I may know someone who can help with OB/GYN at Kaiser, if that's the direction your health coverage takes.


  4. Glad you recognize that the depression is a bit of old neuro-chemical tape that keeps skipping round again. So pesky those skipping neuro-chemical tapes making people think that everything that was still is and every will be. If brains were more digital this might be easier to alter. But sadly they are stuck in the eighties. At least they moved past records, though. They can have new data transposed over the old stuff but the old stuff lingers like a ghost and can only take so many recordings over.

    1. I definitely understand that these are old tapes. It's hard to go past recognizing that to actually recording over them.