Monday, November 5, 2012

stop wasting your life

Recently I got an anonymous comment on the post My Father Raped Me:

"I don't think you're disgusting. So you masturbate while thinking about getting raped, so what? I masturbate to the exact same kind of stuff, and I know I'm not disgusting. Human sexuality is nutbar. Might as well stop fretting and embrace it. You're just wasting your life with all this moaning and groaning. Get out there and live, goddamn it!"

I read these things and think, "OH MAN. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT YEARS AGO?!?!?!!!111"

And then I get up and I get dressed and I leave the house and I do something stupid or someone says something minor to me and I have a panic attack and I run back home and I don't leave the house for a week or three. Unless we need food. I have a minimal level of functioning I manage. We can walk to a farmers market and to multiple small food markets (yay ethnic food) so we can get by within the limits of my cope.

You see, in order to drive I have to be sober. So all my functioning out in the world right that involves driving has to be without the anxiety medication that makes me functional. We walk miles and miles. I think Shanna walks at least ten miles a week and many weeks more than that if they successfully pressure me to go out. Calli is in a transitional stage where she literally can't keep up with Shanna but she wants to and resents almost everything we do to manage it. She hates the Ergo. She only wants to be carried in arms. I've been a stupid typist for a decade--my arms go numb in a minute or two and that's not particularly safe. We are in a fussy period. I recognize that other people would push a stroller but I quite frankly feel resentful as fuck about doing it so I don't. We manage what we can manage. Sometimes there is crying because Calli is so fucking pissed that she can't physically do what Shanna can do.

It's funny when I'm not listening to the screaming.

 When I am stoned and Calli gets to this point in frustration/exhaustion/rage I will force her kicking and screaming into the carrier (I've got mad skillz) then I walk along with my hands stroking her legs and her back and her behind and I talk to her about frustration. I tell her that she is strong for walking as far as she did. There is no shame in needing help--that's why you have a mommy. Mommy's help their kids. I comfort her while she cries and I calmly in a near whisper ask if she can please lower her voice a little because my head is really hurting.

When I am sober I shake and clench my teeth and have trouble not exploding with rage of my own because most of the time screaming triggers horrible headaches and I would cheerfully like to shove my head through the nearest car windshield just to get the fuck away from that noise.

It's like being two different people.

One is able to be compassionate. One is already hurting too much.

My problems are not because of what I think about while masturbating. My problems are because my brain was damaged by long term severe neglect and child abuse. Telling me to stop moaning and groaning is pretty dismissive.

A long time ago I explained to a therapist (I can't remember who or when) that I manage my symptoms through stress management. I have fine tuned what I can handle and if I go over what I can handle then I have problems because all of my coping methods are bad.

That is still mostly true. Being a mother has not worked out like I thought it would. I can't financially afford to do as much as I would kind of like to do. Life is just like that. I get to do a fantastic amount compared to most people. I don't complain about the fact that my life has limits.

The deer jumping on the car is going to be kind of hard to absorb financially. I'm going to have to make a lot of choices not to go anywhere just because I can't pay for gas. The van is really expensive to drive. Going to the homeschool park days is approximately $12 in gas for every trip. That's a toll that adds up. Given that Noah had to drive the van for two weeks our gas budget was more than twice what it usually is during that period. I have to absorb that. The only way to do so is to cut back on my driving.

It's going to be kind of lonely but I expect the kids and I will get a lot of exercise and the house will be decorated. We will do a bunch of projects.

Ack. breakfast.

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  1. Yeah, "snap out of it" (and all its variants) is my favorite one too. What's even more endearing is that I too am guilty of saying it - to my brother, who has my issue but even more so. Not so much in the last decade or two, but just the same.