Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Things I need to schedule:

language study--two or three hours every day (If I want to learn fluency in three more languages that is what it will take.)
practice handwriting
crafty/fine motor coordination time
social time

I think those are the big things.

2-3 hours laundry, cleaning (vacuum/mop/bathroom)
2-3 hours language
2 hours    cook (often extra stuff for later in the week)
rest for whatever time is left.

4.5 hours therapy
2 hours    language
4-5 hours at the park

1-2 hours crafty/fine motor coordination
2-3 hours language
2-3 hours gardening
1-2 hours cooking

2-3 hours language
1 hour     swim lesson
1 hour     run
1 hour     cooking
1-3 hours running errands/grocery shopping
extra social time

1 hour     practice handwriting (writing letters)
2-3 hours gardening
2-3 hours language
2 hours    cooking
social--person for dinner?

Play with kids
1-3 hours Running (one Saturday a month meet friends at park for running date)
1-2 hours Language
3-5 hours of Noah time off.

1-2 hours farmers market
rest around the house.

For dates--we get one weekend off every month. That's not a lot of dating but it's nice. I feel like one other date in a month is a good thing. We'll see. It's hard to schedule.

I'm also trying to read 1-2 books every week. I should start logging that more seriously. I'm curious about how my thinking will change over time.

Right now my suspicion is that language stuff should be spread out over the day. Like, watching a Signing Time video after breakfast followed by French work after that before moving into the flow of the day. Spanish can come later and be more integrated. I am at a much higher level for Spanish--I need more vocabulary and to force my brain to practice conjugating verbs more, but I know a fair bit. I just need repetition and practice. That will be easier to do while I am doing lots of other things. I feel like studying Spanish can be pretty organic in my life right now. I am filling in gaps instead of building a bridge if that makes sense. French is intimidating. ASL is easy and fun. It will all work out. In a year French will be much less intimidating.

If we want to learn we need to be boring. We need to study and work hard. That is what this phase of life is about. We will go out and practice what we learn once we are ready.

Ok. That sounds like a fairly easy week all things considered.

Let's see if the schedule lasts a week. Ha.

And this isn't taking into account that I do about 30 minutes of picking up the house every afternoon and I read to the kids for about an hour a day.

No forking wonder I am tired.

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