Saturday, December 22, 2012

Comment policy

Yesterday I was told that someone would like to leave more comments but she feels weird asking questions about one sentence out of a six page piece of writing. If she can't address the whole thing she thinks she shouldn't comment.

I very nearly reenacted something I did often while teaching. I would collapse to the floor and start rolling around and beating my fists on the floor while moaning, "If you have questions and you don't tell me I CAN'T ANSWER THEM. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."

It was a thing. I did it many times while teaching. It always shocked people and made them kind of jump back at first. But then they laughed and started asking more questions.

It is kind of awesome that home schooling gives me a permanent excuse to simply think of myself as a teacher. I stopped thinking or referring to myself as a dancer within months of stopping that activity. I don't think I will ever stop teaching. I love teaching. If I say something you don't understand, for the love of shiny green apples please ask me questions.

You don't understand. I fucking live for this shit. I don't want to be an enigma. I want to be able to explain things better than I currently do. I want to be a better teacher. If I am confusing people then I am not yet a good enough teacher. I need to know that. I would love to know where and how I am confusing so that I can be less so.

Please don't feel silly asking me questions. I may not answer them instantly and (if I know you in person) I may be happier sitting you down to explain it in person rather than in writing because tone sucks so much in writing. BUT I LOVE ANSWERING QUESTIONS. Seriously.

Have you met me?

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  1. ok, ok, i'll ask the questions when they come up! although, i would have liked to have seen you rolling on the floor and screaming when you told me to ask ;)