Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Lazyweb: (Dragon edition)

So I have a spiffy new MacBook Air because my husband would like his laptop back and my laptop does not get internet access in our garage. And because my in-laws sent us money. I wouldn't have let him get it otherwise.

Anyway. I'm trying to load Dragon onto the computer. One small problem. It doesn't have a disk drive. I managed to sink the program proper using the merge systems program inside the operating system (I'm feeling really fucking technically savvy today letmetellyou) and I have otherwise made everything how I want it but there is a disk issue.

In order to get Dragon to work you have to load the English Data. I am not able to get the data off the disk and onto a memory stick and resynching the program just makes the Air ask for the disk again. But an Air doesn't have a disk slot. And I don't seem to have a cable that will connect this computer usefully to another computer with a disk slot.

Is such a cable in existence? What should I do? Any advice?



  1. Theoretically if you have another mac you can use the drive via an over the air thing. I can't remember how it works exactly (because I bought another MPB instead of an Air the last time I upgraded) but you basically put them in the same room and let it do its thing, I think.

  2. Don't know what "Dragon" is but...

    Assuming Noah has a mac with a CD/DVD drive:
    1. Insert the disk into Noah's Mac
    2. On Noah's Mac, go to System Preferences -> Sharing. Check "On" for "DVD or CD Sharing". Also, note the name listed in "Computer Name" (mine looks like "Talia Fukuroe's MacBook Pro".
    3. On your Air, go to the Finder. In the menu on top, choose Go -> Connect to Server. You should be able to type in Noah's Computer name and connect to it. Then hopefully you should be able to find and use the DVD drive.

    In older versions of the OS, this has been a bit flaky, but if Noah's is new enough (Lion or later, I think), it *should* work. Let me know how it goes.

  3. Nevermind. Looks like you got it going. :)