Monday, December 10, 2012

Yay Disneyland

I am on the iPad. This won't be my normal length.

If you add up the past two nights I've gotten 13 hours of sleep. But I got 9 of them last night. That was a very caffeinated drive. We had a great day in California Adventure. I think that next year I will have to have check in times and let Shanna run. Keeping her close is getting hard. (like within the Wilderness Camp Explorer area-not the park at large).

Thank you D for the stroller. They are alternating and fighting over who gets to ride. That is a first. Usually they scream and kick when I ask them to ride in strollers or wagons. I think they are tired.

We were in the park for hella longer than usual because we got there early and had a long wait till check in. I think we were in the park for 5 hours. The whole last hour Calli kept saying "hotel?" "bed?" she was tired too.

I turned the lights out at six because play was getting meaner and meaner. No, you cannot play a game where you pin your sister down and slam stuffed animals into her face as hard as you can. That is not a good game.

We went for lunch at a fancy restaurant because we were on that end of the pier and I didn't check how expensive it was before we sat down. Whoops. Luckily that $78 lunch came with enough food for dinner and breakfast too so I boxed it up. Yay for having a fridge and a microwave. Next time I will have to bring my own dishes. They provide a couple paper bowls and a few glasses. Most unsuitable. Makes sense. There isn't a dishwasher and most people seem to act like it would break their hands to do dishes and the maid staff can't time efficiently take care of it in the studios.

The sixth is my moms birthday. She turned 64. My dad would have been 64 yesterday. I didn't cry over them this year. My dad has been dead for 14 years. In three years he will have been dead for me as long as he was alive for me. On my next birthday I turn the age they were when I was born.

I don't think I am much like them. I hope not.
It is so awesome to deal with Shannas"gimmees" by saying that everything is too expensive. She didn't hoard her allowance this time. She is quite pissed that everything is too much money. Ha.

I went outside and smoked yesterday afternoon because I ate approximately four bites of breakfast and maybe seven bites of lunch. My stomach hurts so much. I am going to need to this morning if I want to eat. I am clearly hungry but I want to curl up into a ball and sob because of my stomach. This is awful. I could suffer through this. But I can't eat. Going longer and longer without food makes me dizzy and nauseated. I didn't smoke much yesterday. I didn't want to spend much time. I'm on the first floor and my balcony is next to a public walkway. Awkward.

So we will see how today goes. Right now I want to puke on the floor and my throat feels like it is closing and I would rate my stomach pain at a six. It is hard to think. Maybe I will go freeze my ass off outside for a bit. Then maybe I could sleep a bit more too. That would be excellent.

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  1. I knew you should have taken the double umbrella stroller. :)