Sunday, January 6, 2013

too many bad nights.

I haven't gotten a full night of sleep in a week. At least one of the kids is up for hours every night. I am starting to feel angry and really physically bad. I feel so much hatred for my kids right now. And I can't just go fall asleep. If I could just go sleep when I'm tired it would work out. But after I've been woken up three or four times in one night I can't get back to sleep anymore.

This is the point when I start freaking out. I just cry and cry. It feels like my body can't do anything else. I'm not sure if I can handle going out and being social this week if I don't get any sleep.

1 comment:

  1. are they sick? my kids haven't been sleeping well either, which means i haven't been sleeping, and it is totally affecting my mood. i also can't just "go to sleep" whenever, just because i am exhausted. i hope this works out for you and you are able to get some sleep ♥