Friday, February 1, 2013

I read. I swear.

Book #5: Over Sea, Under Stone

Book #6: Giving the Love That Heals

Technically #5 is one that Noah read to me. But it's new to me. :) I'm glad that #6 is over. Woof. It's a good book--I highly recommend it if you have kids. I promise you that you are doing shit instinctively you shouldn't be doing and they are constructive about how to handle those situations.

Still readin Mindstorms, Collapse, and I have The Myth of Ability out from the library. That will satisfy February I think.

I am seriously thinking of no longer participating on MDC. I'm tired of getting spanked by moderators because I am jolting. Yeah. I talk about rape. I guess I should learn how to be quieter and more euphemistic so you never have to feel jolted. Or I could just stop posting there and go back to my sandbox and say fuck the fascists. That will feel more satisfying.

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