Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last post here.

I apologize for this jumping all over the internet business. I understand that updating RSS stuff is annoying. But now I have my very own website. www.krissygibbs.com It feels pretty neato to me.

I moved everything from blogger and everything from livejournal. The old livejournal posts require a password, which I will never post openly on the internet. If you are interested in those archives shoot me an email and I will cheerfully share the password.

It's been a decent run here at Blogger but I hate the comment interface. I hate that I don't fully own my work. So now it's time to go to my own sandbox. It feels really exciting.

I'm figuring out how to add things. The site will change a lot over time. Woo.

Bye Blogger, it's been great knowing you.


  1. For those of you reading via LiveJournal, I created a syndication for the new blog: http://krissygibbs.livejournal.com/profile